Welcome to My SmugMug site. I'll always be adding to it, as people around me continue to participate in things of interest. I live in the SF Bay area, and spend lots of time photographing the sports my kids are participating in.

These images are my attempts to document what they're doing, and to share that with friends and family.

If you choose to order pix of anything, they will be made off the original files I uploaded, and will not have any of the watermarking on the front that you may see here. You can crop these online as needed before ordering, I won't be offended. The pictures are usually of high enough resolution that you won't have a problem.

All the kids sports galleries are password protected. I have usually sent a password to the accounts through your normal message from the coach or team manager. You can contact them or me to get the appropriate password.

Club Managers, please contact me directly for any photos you want to use on your website.

I can be reached at the (galleryownername) (Sorry, have to do this to slow the spammers.)